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The Aquinas Church of England Education Trust was established in 2013. Since then, the Trust has grown and now consists one secondary and eight primary academies including St. Mark’s. Each academy serves their individual local community but works in partnership with other academies to support one another, share core values and develop our Christian ethos.  Please click here to visit the Trust website.

Welcome from the Chief Executive


The Aquinas Church of England Education Trust offers a clear educational vision of "Life Transforming Learning" for the local communities we serve within the Diocese of Rochester. Formed through a partnership between primary and secondary phases, we offer an unparalleled understanding of the whole child's educational journey, mindful of both academic achievement and personal development.


We are proud that each school in the trust is distinctive in its own right; guided by the children, families and professionals who form the learning community. What brings us together is our distinctive Christian ethos that ensures that everyone is equally valued as a child of God. Our schools are truly inclusive – we welcome all children regardless of background or belief.


Aquinas sets the highest standards for all our children without exception. We are committed to providing exemplary teaching across all our schools and challenge professionals to work ‘beyond outstanding’. Whilst we celebrate excellence we move quickly to respond to the needs of individuals and close gaps with personalised provision. Professionals are able to access a broad range of experience and expertise ensuring good practice is developed between schools.


As an education trust, we empower school leaders to grow their own schools. In this way we ensure the most appropriate provision in every school on a day-to-day basis whilst delivering innovative teaching and exemplary pastoral care. At the same time, we offer strong governance that supports and challenges in equal measure in a relentless pursuit of the highest standards and continual improvement.


I take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in our work. Moreover, I would encourage you to follow our continued development

Kathy Griffiths

Our Schools:

Bishop Justus Church of England School

Parish Primary Church of England School

Keston Primary Church of England School

Chislehurst Primary Church of England School

St Mark's Church of England School

Trinity Primary School

Cudham Primary Church of England School

St John's Church of England Primary School

St George's Church of England Primary School

  • My friends are kind because if I want to play a game they’re playing, they always let me join in. Hermione

  • You need to listen to your teachers & friends as you won’t get to know about cool things. Elijah

  • When you are selfless and put others first. Lottie

  • Celebrating when you have an award and showing it to your friends but in a kind way. Joel

  • To treat people equally as you would like to be treated. Riaan

  • We are safe as the teachers remind us what is right and what is wrong. Emily