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CHOIR IS ON AS NORMAL THIS AFTERNOON** Some of Mr Hall's clubs have been cancelled. Check calendar for details. ** Booking now available for Parents Evening - See LINK below**

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Collective Worship

Collective Worship is celebrated daily at school. It gives us an opportunity to join together as a school family and allows children invaluable reflection time in which to think about their values, their lives, events in the world and engage with charitable campaigns.

For more about Collective Worship in our school please read our Collective Worship Policy.

  • My friends are kind because if I want to play a game they’re playing, they always let me join in. Hermione

  • You need to listen to your teachers & friends as you won’t get to know about cool things. Elijah

  • When you are selfless and put others first. Lottie

  • Celebrating when you have an award and showing it to your friends but in a kind way. Joel

  • To treat people equally as you would like to be treated. Riaan

  • We are safe as the teachers remind us what is right and what is wrong. Emily