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Leaders: Miss Betts

Our Curriculum 

 ICT and Computing have now been separated into two finite areas. ICT will still be used to support learning across the curriculum.  Computing will be a subject in its own right. We are excited to have purchased the 2Simple Purple Mash which will build on the current 2Simple resources which we have used successfully in KS 1 and lower KS 2 for many years. The online content has been expanded to run across KS 1 and 2 providing both ICT resources and Computing alike. The children will be engaged in such activities as programming, creating algorithms (instructions), generating and solving coding challenges to mention just a few. All in all an exciting direction for the subject! We will also be expanding our use of our online content for Espresso which has added considerable new content including a coding area. With the addition of some freeware in upper KS 2 we should be well resourced.