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                                        (Frequently Asked Questions)

What do I do If my child is absent or sick?

Please phone the office on the first day of absence leaving a message on the answer phone (Option 2).

If your child has been physically sick or had diarrhoea please keep them away from school until 48 hours after the last episode.

What happens if somebody else is going to collect my child?

Please inform the school office before lunch on that day providing passwords where appropriate.

My child wants to start music lessons, what do I do?

Please download the Bromley Youth Music Trust (BYMT) application form from the "Forms" page. Once it has been filled in please return to the red school post box where it will be forwarded to the appropriate music teacher or BYMT head office.

What is the best way for me to contact my child's teacher?

The best way to contact your child's class teacher is via the contact cards or the Dojo system. Alternatively please email the office via or place a note for the teacher in the red school post box.

My child has a dental/hospital appointment, what should I do?

Please provide a copy of your appointment letter to the school office so we can keep a copy for our records. Where possible we politely ask that appointments be made out of school hours.

Do you run a regular after school club which my child can join?

There are many different after school clubs that run at St Mark's, you can see a selection of these by clicking the "School Clubs" link on the left hand side. There is a regular after school club which is open to all of the children. To join please contact them directly.

Can I take my child out of school during term time?

You must put a request in to the school using the leave of absence form at least 10 days in advance of the planned absence. With effect from September 2013 new statutory guidelines from the Department of Education states that "Head Teachers should not grant leave of absence unless in exceptional circumstances." Please help us to observe this directive by not applying for holidays or absence in term time as I will not be in a position to authorise these requests. Mrs Richards.

Where is the red school post box?

The post box is in the reception foyer.

How do I make payments for school trips/meals? 

Payments can be made securely by our online payments system, or by cheques payable to St Mark's School.


If you wish to make a cash payment please do so in person via the office using the correct monies where possible.

However we would urge you to use an alternative method of payment.


All cheques must be placed in a sealed envelope with your child's name, class, and what the payment is for written clearly on the front of the envelope and on the back of the cheque.  (Cheques made payable to - St Marks CE Primary School)

My child wants to change to school lunches, who do I inform?

Please inform the school office before changing in order for the catering team to provide adequate meals for the children.

Alternatively please email

Please stick to a regular meal pattern.


What is the procedure for resolving an issue I have?

All issues must be addressed to your child's class teacher in the first instance. If you are not satisfied with the outcome, you may be referred to the Deputy Head Teachers, and then if necessary, to the Headteacher.

How much are school meals?

School meals cost £11.00 per week (£2.20 per day). We politely request that you keep to either sandwiches or school lunches for the duration of each half term where possible and make payments in advance. Please note that if your child's account falls into arrears, you will be asked to provide a packed lunch until payment has been received.