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Head Boy & Head Girl Election Speeches

We have recently held elections for Head Boy and Head Girl. Here is a selection of excerpts from their speeches.


"I enjoy going to St Marks School even though St marks is a Christian school and I don’t follow Christianity but what I like about St marks is that they are a family and they don’t judge you for you for your race colour or belief, this is important.

At St Marks they teach us a lot about religion and beliefs so we know that there is no right or wrong in what we believe in."


"St. Mark’s is a special school because God is part of it and we have links to the church. We have children from different backgrounds, countries, cultures and faiths. We also have very special values that we should follow including being kind, safe, polite, respectful and listening. My teachers have encouraged me to be more confident and to work hard."


"I’m going to talk about Saint Marks’ love for learning. We have a positive attitude towards learning, teachers make all lessons fun so that we can remember them for future references and everyone puts 100% into everything. We love learning.

We are all friends here, we love learning and we are one big family."