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Leader: Mrs Gawthorpe

Our Curriculum

Religious Education is given high priority within our school and forms part of our core curriculum. It is considered an invaluable academic subject which gives children and young people an understanding of how beliefs and values affect their lives and the lives of others. Children are given many opportunities for individual reflection and encouraged to ask deep and meaningful questions.

The curriculum explores Christianity in depth, as a living religion at the heart of our community and  relates to the values, attitudes, relationships and aspirations that we promote within the wider school community. However children also develop a clear understanding of the beliefs, practices and traditions of other principal religions and world views including Islam, Judaism, Hinduism and Sikhism. We aim that Children from all faiths, and none, enjoy engaging, inspiring and academically rigorous, Religious Education lessons which relate to real life experiences. It is not the aim of our RE curriculum to encourage pupils to become committed Christians and we strongly believe that nurturing children's development of their own personal faith, whichever religion they follow, is an important part of Religious Education.


We are following the recommended Scheme of Work provided by the Diocese of Rochester details of which can be found below.


If you would like to know more about RE please read the RE Policy on our Policies Page.

Descriptions of levels for assessment of learning and pupils’ progress in Religious Education