St Mark's CE Primary School

Our Ethos

Mission Statement

Grounded in Christian faith and worship, St Mark’s CE Primary School is:

  • a caring community welcoming of all
  • dedicated to high standards of achievement and behaviour
  • where learning is enjoyable and rewarding
  • and the gifts and abilities of every child are recognised and nurtured.

Our Vision

We inspire our community to pursue educational excellence, working in collaboration to flourish in everything we do.

Learning hand in hand with God, we can ‘illuminate rather than merely shine’, living life in all its fullness, and “above all, we clothe ourselves with love…”

Our Aims

St Mark's CE Primary School is a welcoming school where we create a loving, caring community in which children are encouraged to achieve their academic potential and grow in confidence, assurance and consideration for others as they learn about themselves and the world in which they live.  At the same time we aim to develop a spirit of adventure and enquiry so that children may meet the opportunities and challenges in our changing society.