St Mark's CE Primary School

School Meals

At St Mark's Church of England Primary School, children are able to have a healthy school meal (provided by The Pantry) or bring a healthy packed lunch to school. 

Children have the choice between a meat option, a vegetarian option, pasta, jacket potato or a sandwich each day.

the pantry menu st marks primary school aquinas 2024.pdf


 New menu for the autumn term 2024.

menu st marks autumn 2024.pdf


The Mayor of London has extended the funding of Universal Free School Meals until July 2025 to help with the cost of living crisis. More information can be seen below.

ufsm letter to families january 2024.pdf


However it is advisable that you still apply for Pupil Premium Free School Meals if you feel you qualify. Further information can be found by scrolling down this page.

Your child can have a mixed meal pattern but this must remain unchanged for a half term period: i.e. Packed lunch Monday - Thursday, School Meal on Friday. This consistency will help keep lunchtimes efficient and safe.

REMEMBER....We are a Nut Free School - A reminder that our school endeavours, as far as possible, to be a nut-free school. We have a number of students in school who have severe nut allergies and can be seriously affected by someone else who is eating - or may have recently eaten - nuts. Even if you eat a product containing nuts, this can have a serious effect on a student later on in the classroom.

Pupil Premium Free School Meals

You may be eligible to apply for funding called the Pupil Premium grant. By applying for Free School Meals (Pupil Premium) you could earn an extra £1320 for our school that will contribute to a range of interventions depending on your child's needs.  All your child's school trips and visits will be paid for from this fund including two residential trips that total over £700 (as at July 2023).

You can apply for Free School Meals in the following ways:

  • The preferred method is to apply for free school meals using the link below to the Bromley council website and click on apply online: 

Free School Meal - Online Application Form

  • Alternatively click on the links below to download the application form and notes and then return the completed form to the school office

Free School Meals - Download Application Form

School Lunch Queries - Click to send message