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Year 6: Elephant and Rhinoceros

Class Newsletters

Autumn 1

Autumn 2

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Student Leadership Team

 Year 6 Responsibilities

Curriculum Overview

Year 6 Curriculum Map 2021

Home Learning

Initial Creation of the Project Folder

1 - General information about Countries, Flags and Leaders

2 - Remembrance

3 - Balanced discussion on Evacuation

4 - The Blitz

5 - Battle of Britain

6 - Women in the War Research and Letter Writing

7 - Rationing

8 - Topic Choice

Home Learning

Letter to the Children from Mr Hollands

Final Piece and Due Date

Parent Information Evening

SATs Information for Parents

Statutory Spellings Word Mat Y3-4

Statutory Spellings Word Mat Y5-6

Year 6 Parent Information Afternoon

Year 6 Writing Framework

Ten Terrific Test Taking Tips

Ten Terrific Test Taking Tips Booklet

Glossary for Year 6

Answer Booklet

Reading Booklet

Mark Scheme