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AfPE Sports Award

Congratulations to St.Mark’s CE Primary School on being awarded the afPE Quality Mark for physical Education and School Sport. It is a prestigious award and a  powerful way of celebrating success. The afPE Quality Mark recognise, through a succinct self review and evaluation process, the strength and quality of physical education and sport in the school. High quality physical education and sport makes a difference to the learning and experiences of children and young people both within the subject and more widely across the curriculum. …. Well done.


Sue Wilkinson

afPE Strategic Lead and Director of the Professional Support Unit


We were honoured to have Jason Gardener Olympic Gold Medallist present this award to us, he said "St Marks was awesome - what a head Mrs Richards is; and to be supported by inspirational teachers such as Miss Portou. The children were so engaging, energetic and inspired which always reinforces positively why we do what we do. I truly do believe sport can change life's."

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