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Coronavirus/Covid 19

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Wednesday 22 July - Last day of term: Staggered early finish in line with current Friday closures. Please refer to your individual Bubble times.

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On 2 July the Government issued its guidelines for the full reopening of school in September. We welcome this announcement and the detailed guidance which it included. I will now be taking some time to plan how St Mark’s will implement these regulations and will inform you of our thorough plans to minimise risk and keep children safe by the end of the term.


It goes without saying that I look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday 2nd September for the start of the new year.


Chris Hollands



The Secretary of State for education directed all schools in England and Wales to close on 23 March as part of the Government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Thereafter, the Department for Education provided guidance on the safeguarding of pupils during the period of school closure. The Aquinas Trust and the Academy are complying with this guidance as reflected in the addendum to the Trust Safeguarding Policy (the Addendum), which is found on the ‘Policies’ page of the Aquinas website On 1 June, in accordance with Government directive, the school re-opened for children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 6.

  • My friends are kind because if I want to play a game they’re playing, they always let me join in. Hermione

  • You need to listen to your teachers & friends as you won’t get to know about cool things. Elijah

  • When you are selfless and put others first. Lottie

  • Celebrating when you have an award and showing it to your friends but in a kind way. Joel

  • To treat people equally as you would like to be treated. Riaan

  • We are safe as the teachers remind us what is right and what is wrong. Emily