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End of term: Thursday 1 April 1.20/1.30pm finish times * COVID-19 Guidance available on our website under the Parents tab.

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Early Years Foundation Stage (Reception)

Leader: Miss Titmus

The importance of a child’s first years in school cannot be over-emphasised as they will probably influence their long term attitude towards learning and school. 


Our Philosophy - Each child is an individual.

At St Mark’s our philosophy is to encourage children, through play; to explore life in a safe and secure environment. To build your child's confidence, self-respect and respect for others.

We endeavour to balance the need to learn with the need to play, and the curriculum combines the teaching of basic literacy and numeracy through play and interaction between children.  We choose our learning themes from the interests and inspirations of the children. We inspire and motivate children to become independent learners.

We believe that children learn best in a relaxed environment and we endeavour to provide an atmosphere where every child makes the most of their abilities.  Children’s safety and safeguarding is central to everything we do. We know that children develop at different rates, and by treating each child as an individual, we believe children will thrive, and develop at their own individual rate.

  • My friends are kind because if I want to play a game they’re playing, they always let me join in. Hermione

  • You need to listen to your teachers & friends as you won’t get to know about cool things. Elijah

  • When you are selfless and put others first. Lottie

  • Celebrating when you have an award and showing it to your friends but in a kind way. Joel

  • To treat people equally as you would like to be treated. Riaan

  • We are safe as the teachers remind us what is right and what is wrong. Emily