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History and Geography

Leader: Miss Cripps

Our Curriculum

At Saint Mark's we have a broad and balanced Geography and History curriculum that allows the children to practice key skills and develop these as they progress from year 1 up to Year 6.


In History, these skills include: constructing and sequencing the past; examining and evaluating sources of evidence; planning historical enquires and; planning and carrying out their own historical enquiries. The children will develop these skills across a range of topics, exploring questions such as: What was new about the Stone Age? Is it better to be a child now than in the past? How did the first flight change the world?


In Geography, the children will explore a range of both physical and human geography. They will develop skills including: geographical enquiry through map and atlas work; understanding places, themes and connections of human geography; thinking about the world and its continents; the UK and local area; and conducting their own field work investigations. This will be achieved by looking at topics such as: Is climate cool? Can you come on the great American road trip? Where does food come from? Can the Earth shake, rattle and roll?


Through the teaching of these skills, we hope to provide a diverse and widely accessible curriculum for all children, accommodating their many interests and styles of learning within this rich geographical and historical context.

  • My friends are kind because if I want to play a game they’re playing, they always let me join in. Hermione

  • You need to listen to your teachers & friends as you won’t get to know about cool things. Elijah

  • When you are selfless and put others first. Lottie

  • Celebrating when you have an award and showing it to your friends but in a kind way. Joel

  • To treat people equally as you would like to be treated. Riaan

  • We are safe as the teachers remind us what is right and what is wrong. Emily