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History and Geography

Leader: Miss Cripps

History Curriculum

Our aim is to nurture and spark the children’s interest in the past should they wish to grow up to be Historians. For all children to have a basic understanding of key periods in History and to learn to ask questions about why things have happened in the past and the impact of those events. This vision is achieved by:

  • A curriculum that builds on an understanding of chronology/key periods
  • A curriculum that promotes children’s curiosity and a desire to ask questions
  • A curriculum that develops an appreciation of the influences of the past


Geography Curriculum

Our aim is to enrich the future stewards of our planet and to provide them with the knowledge and skills needed to look after this world. All children will explore physical and human Geography to understand where we are in the world and to ensure it is a place for future generations to enjoy. This is achieved by:

  • A curriculum that develops Geographical skills through map work and investigation 
  • A curriculum that explores physical and human influences on the world
  • A curriculum that promotes and builds children’s understanding of locality and features





Year 1


Knights and Castles

Where is Bromley?

Weather and Seasons

Year 2

The Great Fire of London

Significant People

The UK and Europe

How does our life compare to a child from another country?

Year 3

Stone, Iron and Bronze Age Britain

Ancient Egypt

Around the World

Rocks, Soils and Rives

Year 4

Roman Britain

Anglo Saxon Britain

Climate Zones

Mountains and Volcanoes

Year 5

Viking Britain

The Ancient Greeks

The 7 Wonders of the World

Brazil and the Rainforests

Year 6

The British Empire – How did it change from the Tudors to World War 2?

Climate Change – Then, Now and The Future of Our World


  • Being compassionate is understanding some else's situation, helping them even if that isn't an easy thing to do.

  • Kindness is love. Kindness is sharing. Kindness is everything. Yasmin

  • Humility means that you accept defeat and don't boast. It means that you are not a sore loser. John

  • Gentleness is a bit like kindness because if you are not being gentle to something you are not being kind. Saisha

  • Patience is giving your time, not rushing and sometimes waiting without complaining. Maia

  • 'Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is then not putting it into a fruit salad' Jessica