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Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium is a grant allocated by the government to support the learning of particular children whose circumstances may cause them to be disadvantaged in comparison to their peers.

At. St. Mark’s Primary School we follow the conditions of the grant as set out by Secretary of State for Education (March 31 2017) which can be found here

As passionate believers in equal opportunities, it is our aim that the money we are allocated is used to specifically raise the attainment, improve the well-being, and offer the same life chances to any child whose circumstances qualify for them for the grant.

Our Pupil Premium Policy gives more information about how we do this.

Every year we review how the money has been spent and the impact it has had.

Please see the statements below which are reviewed annually in April.

The following link will take you to the location on our website where you will find our Pupil Premium Policy.

You can complete a confidential questionnaire to find out if you're eligible for Pupil Premium on the Schoolgateway.  

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