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Spaces in some year groups for September. Please contact the school office or the Local Authority for more information.

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Welcome to Our School Council

At St Mark’s, our school council consists of two democratically elected representatives from each class in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. Their role is to attend school council meetings twice each half term, with a view to contributing to our school’s happy learning environment in which children and staff can ‘illuminate rather than merely shine’.

Within the school council, we have the following key roles given to the children:

  • Chairperson: Runs the meeting, following the agenda and ensuring that all representatives have an opportunity to contribute their ideas and opinions.
  • Vice chairperson: Assists the chairperson, and maintains order.
  • Secretary: Takes the register of attendees, and makes notes of important points raised.
  • Class representatives: Listen to their peers in class and feedback ideas to the school council.

In 2018-19, the School Council achieved the following:

  • Attended Bromley South station’s 160th birthday celebrations.
  • Participated in a Nourish (school meals) taste-test session.
  • Carried out a well-being (happiness) survey in each class.
  • Visited the Mayor of Bromley at the Civic Centre.
  • Carried out a fun quiz at lunchtime during Culture Week.
  • Created a planter for Bromley Floral Fest.

In 2019-20 we hope to continue the good work!



Gardening Day Photos

School Council have been food critics for the new Nourish Menus!


School Council were invited to taste the new menus for Nourish, our school lunch provider. We tasted a rage of dishes and gave feedback. This will impact on the menus in the Summer Term so look our for them. We really enjoyed it!

  • Being compassionate is understanding some else's situation, helping them even if that isn't an easy thing to do.

  • Kindness is love. Kindness is sharing. Kindness is everything. Yasmin

  • Humility means that you accept defeat and don't boast. It means that you are not a sore loser. John

  • Gentleness is a bit like kindness because if you are not being gentle to something you are not being kind. Saisha

  • Patience is giving your time, not rushing and sometimes waiting without complaining. Maia

  • 'Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is then not putting it into a fruit salad' Jessica